Sunday April 02, 2017

Smart TV Hack Embeds Attack Code into Broadcast Signalآ—No Access Required

Can hackers take control of your set without being anywhere near it? They sure can, as demonstrated by an attack that only requires a transmitter. Able to work against many televisions at once, the exploit, which can survive reboots and factory resets, allows for complete control of a device.

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A new attack that uses terrestrial radio signals to hack a wide range of Smart TVs raises an unsettling prospectآ—the ability of hackers to take complete control of a large number of sets at once without having physical access to any of them. The proof-of-concept exploit uses a low-cost transmitter to embed malicious commands into a rogue TV signal. That signal is then broadcast to nearby devices. It worked against two fully updated TV models made by Samsung. By exploiting two known security flaws in the Web browsers running in the background, the attack was able to gain highly privileged root access to the TVs.