Sunday April 02, 2017

Samsung Is Spending $9 Billion on the iPhone

Samsung is spending billions on expanding its OLED production lines, and a big reason for that is Apple’s adoption of this display technology. I wonder if we are beginning to reach the point where only the cheapest phones will use LCD. What I don’t get is why Samsung hasn’t really experimented with OLED monitors yet.

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A new report from South Korean news site The Investor says Samsung Display is going forward with its plans to expand its OLED production. The company will spend 10 trillion won ($8.9 billion) this year alone on the expansion, according to the site’s sources. Apple’s decision to move to OLED technology is likely what motivated Samsung Display to go ahead with this massive investment. Apple still continues to set the tone in the mobile market, and other phone makers are expected to follow its "lead" in the near future. Samsung, however, has been using OLED screens in its Galaxy-branded handsets for years, while Apple pushed LCD technology to its limits in its iPhones.