Sunday April 02, 2017

More Than 50% of Steam Users Are Now Running Windows 10

The Windows 10 user base on Steam has reached an all-time high of 51.2%. The OS saw an increase of around 2.43 percentage points compared to last month, which is a decent increase. Meanwhile, the OS X userbase has declined to 3.11%, and Linux has remained stagnant at 0.77%.

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Even though Windows 10 saw a slight decline in its market share on Steam’s hardware survey, the OS experienced fairly major growth in March. According to the Steam Hardware Survey for March 2017, Windows 10’s 64-bit now claims 50.15% of the market, gaining 2.44%. Windows 10’s 32-bit, on the other hand, saw a 0.01% decline, bringing the market share down to 1.05%. As a result, Windows 10 as a whole now claims 51.2% of the market.