Sunday April 02, 2017

Crysis Comes to Grand Theft Auto V

You can now cause chaos in Los Santos with a Nanosuit. This mod is pretty well done, in that it not only skins your character but gives you all of the suit’s powers as well, going as far as including the original GUI assets and sound effects. It sounds like a good time for throwing pedestrians around and punching vehicles around.

Talented modder "JulioNIB" has released a new mod for Grand Theft Auto V that brings Crysis to Rockstar’s open-world title. This mod features all nanosuit powers (speed, strength, stealth and armor), some sounds from the Crysis games, as well as a weapon component customization menu. In addition, this mod comes with a tactical mode for guns, Burst/Single fire modes, allows players to grab and throw pedestrians, and features some extra abilities for Nanosuit V2.