Saturday April 01, 2017

Windows 10 Mobile Needs to Be Put out of Its Misery

Most people who have actually used Windows 10 Mobile seem to admire it, but there is really no arguing the fact that the mobile OS is doing terribly in terms of adoption. This guy argues that Microsoft might as well kill it off officially, especially after their decision to showcase Samsung’s shiny new phones in its stores, which is like raising a white flag of sorts.

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آ…there's no future for Windows on smartphones in its current state. Microsoft wants to keep the door open to future developments but, let's face it, when it decided to sell Samsung's new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ through its stores it basically sealed its own platform's fate. There is no turning back from this. We know it and its fans know it too. I used to be a Windows Phone user and liked the platform, but that was in a time when it still had a chance to gain ground on iOS. Windows Phone could never realistically catch up to Android, but it could give iPhones a run for their money. That did not happen.