Saturday April 01, 2017

Tesla Aims for the Model 3 to Be the First Mass-Market Autonomous Car

As Tesla ramps up the proficiency of its Autopilot software and introduces interfaces that allude to a future that requires much less input from the driver, many believe that the Model 3 is set to make history as the first widely available car that can drive itself. While the Model S and X requires an additional $8K payment to get all autonomous driving capability, that premium is much more digestible when the car starts at $35K.

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It’s fair to say that most of the ~400,000 people who reserved the Tesla Model 3 did it because it will likely become the first long-range relatively affordable electric car to be mass-produced. But it also became clear that Tesla also aims for the Model 3 to be the first mass-market autonomous car آ– years ahead of the competition, which is so far an underappreciated feature of the vehicleآ… and with reasons. It seems like that fact might not have sunk in with every Model 3 reservation holders and that could be because there are still doubts over Tesla’s ability to deliver a fully autonomous system on its new Autopilot hardware suite, which has been standard on the Model S and X since October 2016.