Saturday April 01, 2017

System Admin Shuts down Servers, Deletes Core Files on the Day He Is Fired

آ…and now he faces 10 years in prison. I never did understand why some people go to great lengths to damage their employer when there is so much risk and practically no payoff. This guy was dumb enough to leave his account history behind so everyone knew he was at fault.

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Venzor was let go from his position at the company's help desk and immediately turned volatile. He left the building at 10:30AM and by 11:30, the company's email and application servers had been shut down. Because of this, all activities ground to a halt at the factory and employees had to be sent home. When the remaining IT staff tried to restart them, they discovered the core system files had been deleted and their account permissions had been demoted. Eventually the company was forced to hire a contractor to clean up all of the damage, but this resulted in weeks of backlog and lost orders.