Saturday April 01, 2017

Simulation Suggests 68 Percent of the Universe May Not Actually Exist

Not that I really want to contemplate physics on a Saturday, but we have a new claim that dark energy does not exist. According to my Google-fu, this is an unknown energy that takes up a large percentage of the universe and is responsible for expanding it. Great, but all I can think about is how BioWare should have stuck with the dark energy storyline for Mass Effect 3.

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According to the Lambda Cold Dark Matter (Lambda-CDM) model, which is the current accepted standard for how the universe began and evolved, the ordinary matter we encounter every day only makes up around five percent of the universe's density, with dark matter comprising 27 percent, and the remaining 68 percent made up of dark energy, a so-far theoretical force driving the expansion of the universe. But a new study has questioned whether dark energy exists at all, citing computer simulations that found that by accounting for the changing structure of the cosmos, the gap in the theory, which dark energy was proposed to fill, vanishes.