Saturday April 01, 2017

Forza 7, Battlefront 2, Red Dead Redemption 2 to Showcase 4K on Project Scorpio Xbox

I have to be careful with the "exclusives" today, but this one seems real enough. A list of titles that Microsoft will be using to showcase just how powerful their new Xbox console is going to be has been released, and one of those games will be Forza 7, which is expected to run in "true 4K resolution."

News Image

Games that use dynamic 900p to 1080p resolution scaling on Xbox One (reducing visual quality to remain stable during intensive scenes) will be able to scale all the way up to 4K on Project Scorpio. This should give Project Scorpio the content it needs to be a worthy purchase proposition as soon as it goes on sale in the during the holiday season of 2017. When you combine this with the 4K supersampling for 1080p TVs we discussed in a previous article, 4K Game DVR and streaming, it seems like Scorpio is going to bring a very broad array of benefits to gamers of all types.