Saturday April 01, 2017

First Glimpses of Windows 10’s Project NEON Shows up on Groove Music

I have probably launched/used Groove Music like, twice in my life, so I can hardly tell what the changes are, but this article claims that the newest version of the app teases the upcoming design overhaul for Windows 10 with effects such as translucency, which obviously brings us back to the Aero days. I am getting the feeling that Project NEON is only going to affect modern apps, but I seem to remember a new taskbar aesthetic from some older reports.

Microsoft rolled out a pretty major update to the Groove Music app in Windows 10. With the update, Microsoft is introducing parts of what we’re hoping to be NEON on the Groove Music app. The update brings blur to the sidebar of the Groove Music app, which looks pretty slick as you can see in the screenshot above. The sidebar has translucency as well to achieve the blurred background, which means you will now see what’s behind the Groove Music app when you move the window around. It’s pretty tough to explain all the different effects, so here’s a video showing off the blur in action.