Friday March 31, 2017


JEDEC announced that in the in-progress standards for DDR5, the next generation RAM technology is planned to double both the bandwidth and density over DDR4, as well as to deliver improved channel efficiency. They also discuss a new hybrid NVDIMM-P standard. Work on both standards is reportedly progressing quickly.

Personally I am still on DDR3 in my x79 Sandy-Bridge-E system. If I don't have a reason to upgrade soon, maybe I will skip the DDR4 generation all together? I haven't skipped a RAM generation since the 286 days (with the exception of Rambus RDRAM of course)

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Mian Quddus, Chairman of the JEDEC Board of Directors, said: "Increasing server performance requirements are driving the need for more advanced technologies, and the standardization of next generation memory such as DDR5 and the new generation persistent modules NVDIMM-P will be essential to fulfilling those needs." He added, "Work on both standards is progressing quickly, and we invite all interested engineers worldwide to visit the JEDEC website for more information about JEDEC membership and participation in JEDEC standards-setting activities."