Thursday March 30, 2017

Quake Champions Closed Beta Dates, New Character Announced

If you haven’t signed up for the Quake Champions beta yet, you can do so here, although I figure the time has passed to make it into the first pool of testers who will be playing on April 6. Id has also revealed another transplant from Quake III Arena, Anarki, who carries his signature hoverboard and is described as one of the game’s faster characters.

The closed beta for Quake Champions is just a week away, developer id Software has announced. It kicks off next Thursday, April 6, with "an initial group of testers." There's no indication of how big that pool of people will be, but more will be added "over time." Id also unveiled another of the game's characters (or champions, as it calls them): Anarki, who returns from Quake III Arena, where he was an Arena Lord and playable character. He still has his signature hoverboard, and he's among Champions' fastest characters.