Thursday March 30, 2017

Pornhub and YouPorn switch to HTTPS

Considering that Pornhub gets 75 million visitors a day, I guess this is a pretty big deal. The sites’ switch to HTTPS will effectively "secure a significant portion of the web literally overnight," and the adoption is considered a commendable feat due to the fact that it’s a video-centric site: it’s tougher to find a CDN willing to serve such a massive volume of encrypted content.

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On April 4, both Pornhub and its sister site, YouPorn, will turn on HTTPS by default across the entirety of both sites. By doing so, they’ll make not just adult online entertainment more secure, but a sizable chunk of the internet itself. The Pornhub announcement comes at an auspicious time. Congress this week affirmed the power of cable providers to sell user data, while as of a few weeks ago more than half the web had officially embraced HTTPS. Encryption doesn’t solve your ISP woes altogetherآ—they’ll still know that you were on Pornhubآ—but it does make it much harder to know what exactly you’re looking at while you’re there.