Thursday March 30, 2017

Peek inside Blue Origin's Capsule for Space Tourists

Jeff Bezo's Blue Origin has released interior photos of New Shepard, their vehicle for ferrying tourists into space. The capsule’s innards look pretty sexy, and much of the appeal comes from its windows, which will be the largest that have ever been put into space. But I’m left wondering what happens if I have a bathroom emergency.

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The images show sleek black seats, tilted back so passengers are facing up when the rocket takes off. But the real fun will come when the spacecraft reaches suborbital space and passengers will be able to get out of their seats and experience weightlessness in the roomy cabin. Passengers can also look out the spacecraft's windows, which will be "the largest windows ever in space," the company said. As recently as October 2016, Bezos said the company was on track to make its first human test flights by the end of 2017, with the first customer flights taking place in 2018.