Thursday March 30, 2017

Does Anyone Actually Want to Use a Phone as a Desktop?

It was revealed that the Galaxy S8 would be capable of providing a desktop experience with the company’s DeX dock accessory yesterday, which seems like a cool feature that is being explored by other companies (e.g., Microsoft and Continuum) and doesn’t take away anything from the basic experience of the phone. Imagine my surprise when someone decided to crap on the idea within an hour of its announcement. I think this is a glimpse at the future of computing, really, as smaller devices get more and more powerful.

There's certainly something to the idea of finding new ways to use our phones. But given that the entire computing market is moving toward laptops and other portable devices, the prospect of developing a new spin on desktops seems inexplicably backward. I'm far more intrigued by the idea of sliding my phone into an ultraportable laptop case, as we've seen with the Maxiss Mirabook. Even Apple is considering ways to power laptops with iPhones and iPads, according to a recent patent filing. And if your work demands a bigger screen, it wouldn't be difficult to plug a laptop dock into a monitor or TV.