Thursday March 30, 2017

Company Creates Plans for Skyscraper Attached to Asteroid

It turns out that NYC-based design firm Clouds Architecture Office is run by drug-fueled maniacs: they are contemplating a skyscraper that hangs from an orbiting asteroid. The building would float over landmark cities and you would be expected to get back to Earth via parachute. I would hate to be around when the cable snaps.

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Over the course of each day, the floating skyscraper would trace a figure-eight path over our planet's surface, according to plans posted online by Clouds Architecture Office. It would swing between the northern and southern hemispheres, returning to the same point once every 24 hours. Analemma would be powered by solar panels and use recycled water. Lower floors would be set aside for business use, while sleeping quarters would be sited about two-thirds of the way up. The plans don't say exactly how people would get on and off the building, though one illustration seem to show people parachuting from the tower to the ground.