Thursday March 30, 2017

Apple Patent Disables Wearables When You're Driving

Apple’s got a new patent that would limit notifications on the Apple Watch for anyone going over a certain speed. The real news here is that it is supposedly able to determine who is actually driving, which means that we may be closer to a solution for preventing all of those awful accidents related to texting while driving. Aside from this, couldn’t car manufacturers integrate a proximity sensor in the driver’s seat or steering wheel that works in tandem with a phone’s motion sensors?

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Safety advocates have long campaigned for devices that prevent people from using them while driving. It's harder than it looks. You can't, say, block a device's features just because it's moving above a certain speed, because it's perfectly fine for passengers to use devices, and it could also affect folks who work while commuting via train or bus. With Apple's newly granted patent, it appears the tech company has finally figured out a way to increase driver safety while still allowing others the ability to use their phones in a moving vehicle. Whether or not this system actually makes it into real devices, though, is yet to be seen.