Thursday March 30, 2017

Adobe Figured out a Way to Copy Realistic Photo Styles from One Picture to Another

Adobe has introduced a new AI retouching tool that lets you replicate the look from one image to another. The sample images speak for themselves, really. While many see this as an extremely lazy way of photo editing, this new potential feature for future versions of Photoshop and Lightroom seems like it goes above and beyond what your average retoucher is capable of.

News Image

آ…if you’ve got a picture of a cityscape shot on a sunny morning, you can have it look like the photo was taken at dusk by introducing a reference image photographed in the evening and with matching weather conditions. The end result won’t have any of its lines and shapes altered. What’s particularly impressive about the algorithm is that it can make intelligent minute adjustments like adding light to the windows of a skyscraper آ– similar to how a human photo retoucher would approach the challenge of mimicking a reference photo. Plus, it avoids issues like copying over the appearance of the sky from a reference image onto a building in the target photo.