Wednesday March 29, 2017

Twitch Adds 1080p/60fps Video Support and 6000 kbps Ingest Capabilities has added 1080p/60fps streaming capabilities to their service by increasing the allowed ingest bitrate to 6000 kbps. This will allow for much more fluid video playback on channels where it has been enabled. Those channels will have lower bitrate options also! It is coming to all of Twitch in the coming weeks, but for now they are rolling it out slowly to a few channels. To test and see if your channel supports the new higher bitrate formats, visit Twitch Inspector and see if your channel supports "Transcode V2." If so then you're ready to test the higher bitrates and increased quality streams. There are several guides on this Twitch support page to ease the transition to higher quality video.

This is the perfect time for a new Intel X99 or AMD Ryzen build as they recommend a "slow" CPU preset. The slow setting should really tax the encoding capabilities of your hardware and I'm wary that a quad core will suffice if gaming on the system at the same time. Awesome time for a new hardware build with more cores!

Your Twitch streams will soon look finer than ever thanks to our new 1080p/60fps video support.

For starters, we’re no longer limiting our ingest bitrate to 3.5 megabits. We officially recommend 3آ–6 megabits for most streams, skewing toward the higher end for 1080p broadcasts or faster, more demanding games.

We’re also rolling out a new set of numbered quality options (transcodes, if you’re fancy), starting today. Viewers now have more choices, and you won’t have to worry about them dropping to 480p when "source quality" is unavailable. Combined with our recent transcode updates, it’s never been easier to stream higher quality video to more people.