Wednesday March 29, 2017

The Darker Side of Black - Vantablack

I saw this come across Twitter this morning, and it was just one of those things that had a really big cool factor in terms of technology and I wanted to share. At first you will think that someone got bit crazy with Photoshop and this photo, but what you see in the picture is actually a sphere that has been painted with a substance called Vantablack. A quick Google image search will bring up all sorts of cool images as well.

News Image

To enhance the flexibility of applying super-black coatings, Surrey NanoSystems has developed a spray-on version called Vantablack S-VIS with a reflectance of typically 0.2% in the visible spectrum (@700nm). This allows super-black coatings to be applied to almost any stable material surface - such as polymers - as well as to large and complex shapes (objects just need to be able to fit into a spray painting booth). The application process is much more flexible than original Vantablack, which is applied in a vacuum chamber using low temperature chemical vapour deposition (CVD).

And a shout out to Texas Hippie Coalition for the news tag line.