Tuesday March 28, 2017

Tesla Model X Driver Blames Autopilot for Insane Collision with Semi-Truck

Is Tesla’s safety rating as good as advertised? Probably, since this guy’s Model X looks like it was driven into a grinder, but he still managed to walk away from the incident without serious injuries. It’s not all rainbows, though, as the driver also claims that Autopilot was what almost got him killed, having driven him "full speed" into a truck. Of course, AP is not meant to be an avoidance systemآ…

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آ…you would think that it’s the aftermath of a fatal accident, but the Tesla Model X driver actually walked out of it with "no injuries aside from a stiff neck". He credited the vehicle’s safety for saving his life, but he also blamed the Autopilot for what he claims was "driving full speed into the back of a semi." It’s actually a little more complicated than that. "There was a pickup truck that was out of gas in the right lane (lights were either dim or off, and give the night, was hard to see). A semi was pulling up onto it, saw it, braked and swerved into my middle lane. Autopilot did not disengage, but did the emergency beep about 1 second before impact. I was looking off to the side, and impacted the truck immediately after I heard the beep and looked forward."