Tuesday March 28, 2017

Samsung Unveils New Cinema Theater Screen with Support for HDR and 4K

I applaud Samsung for its attempt to modernize the cinema experience, but I just do not see many theaters upgrading to this tech. Cinemas have stuck with projection and fabric screens because that is the only practical solution; ordering traditional displays and the massive sheets of glass they require would be both a technical and financial challenge. While Samsung has managed to get a 34-foot screen into manufacturing, I am still afraid to see the cost. This would make for an insane monitor, thoughآ—I wonder if it has any of your typical input options.

News Image

Specifically designed for the modern blockbuster experience, the new display tech easily accommodates modern theater dimensions, delivering magnificent picture quality at 4K resolution (4,096 x 2,160 pixels). In addition to this, the screen also exceeds the highly-esteemed DCI standards for reliability, technical performance and quality in digital cinema. Thanks to the direct-lit LED tech powering the display, Cinema Screen has the capacity to offer peak brightness levels nearly 10 times higher than standard cinema projectors.