Tuesday March 28, 2017

Samsung Confirms the Note 7 Is Coming Back as a Refurbished Device

The Note 7 just refuses to die: Samsung has announced that the device will be re-sold in specific countries, probably with a smaller battery and possibly under a different name. I think there is some risk here of another incident, but the decision does make sense to some degreeآ—aside from the battery, practically all of the other components that comprise the Note 7 are perfectly usable, so it would be a severe waste to just trash all 4.3 million recalled devices.

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آ…the company has released a statement regarding its plans to recycle Note 7 devices. The process comes in three parts: save salvageable components such as camera modules and semiconductors, extract metal parts with the help from "eco-friendly" third-party companies, and sell refurbished devices "where applicable." The announcement appears to walk back on what Samsung initially pledged last fall, when it said it would dispose of the Note 7 and had no plans to repair or refurbish them. Instead, Samsung has confirmed it will work with local authorities and carriers to sell it as a refurbished device, rumored to come with a smaller battery to prevent it from overheating and catching fire.