Tuesday March 28, 2017

MIT Researchers Reveal More Efficient Way to Build Chips below 10nm Process

The whizzes at MIT have figured out a way to get chip structures to assemble themselves at microscopic levels. Instead of using extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography or electron and ion scanning, which can be costly, researchers are describing a new method that combines traditional disciplines with a combination of polymers that can be used to "build up any kind of complex patterning."

News Image

The new process uses a novel integration of three existing methods. First, a pattern of lines is produced on the chip surface using well-established lithographic techniques, in which an electron beam is used to "write" the pattern on the chip. Then, a layer of material known as a block copolymer آ— a mix of two different polymer materials that naturally segregate themselves into alternating layers or other predictable patterns آ— is formed by spin coating a solution. The block copolymers are made up of chain-like molecules, each consisting of two different polymer materials connected end-to-end.