Tuesday March 28, 2017

Microsoft's Spring Hardware Launch May Not Feature Surface Book 2 or Surface Pro 5

Microsoft’s next big hardware event may be a letdown for those of you who are waiting for the Surface Book sequel or fifth iteration of the Surface Pro, as Mary Foley’s sources suggest that neither may be unveiled at the Spring 2017 event. Those same sources indicate that MS will still show off some kind of mystery new hardware, though, so it may still be worth keeping an eye on the event. The company did surprise everyone last time with their Surface Studio.

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We're officially one week into "Spring" in this part of the world, and still no word on Microsoft's long-rumored Spring 2017 hardware launch. Since early 2016 or so, a number of us Microsoft watchers have been hearing and predicting that the company would roll out its next versions of its Surface Book PC (Surface Book 2) and Surface Pro tablet (Surface Pro 5) at a Spring 2017 event. Recently, however, I've heard from a couple of contacts that Surface Book 2 is not going to be announced here, as I mentioned during a recent episode of the Windows Weekly podcast. I'm not sure whether Surface Pro 5 will debut at the still-unannounced Spring hardware launch either.