Tuesday March 28, 2017

Lego City Undercover Causes Uproar for Requiring 13 GB Download

13 GB seems like small potatoes for the size of a game nowadaysآ—unless, of course, your console only has 32 GB of system memory. Nintendo Switch owners are totally peeved about Lego City Undercover requiring an internet connection and a 13 GB install even though the game is on a cart. There is speculation that this may be a trend going forward, as it is a way for publishers to save on cartridge costs.

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آ…even physical versions of the Switch remaster require a hefty, internet-enabled data download. Although Lego City Undercover isn’t due at retail until April 4, some stores already have it in stock. One retail-working Reddit user whose store now has copies noticed that the game case indicates that an internet connection is required, even to play the cartridge. "Up to 13 GB storage required for game download" is the reason why, as the packaging notes. That’s a sizable portion of the Nintendo Switch’s hard drive space, which is capped at 32 GB.