Tuesday March 28, 2017

Amazon Will Deliver Groceries to Your Car in 15 Minutes

I am kind of torn over this service: while grocery shopping sucks, I don’t like the idea of someone bringing stuff to my car and making me feel lazy and useless, either. Currently being tested in Seattle, these AmazonFresh locations will let Prime members order groceries via app and have them available in as little as 15 minutes for pickup. This is just one way that Amazon is infiltrating brick-and-mortar businessesآ—it’s going to be surreal driving past all of these branded pop-ups in the future.

Amazon on Tuesday showed off a quick video and landing page for its newest store concept: grocery pickup locations. The stores are still in beta, with only Amazon employees able to use them. The company didn't say when the two stores in Seattle will open to the public, but the locations will only be available for Prime members. Customers will be able to order online or on mobile from thousands of items, including produce, meats, dairy and everyday essentials. Amazon workers will select and bag orders for them, then bring them to customers' cars at reserved times. The company said orders can be picked up in as little as 15 minutes after an order is placed.