Monday March 27, 2017

UK Government Renews Calls for WhatsApp Backdoor after London Attack

Looks like big brother is at it again in the UK, which shouldn't be surprising considering it is the land of CCTV. The debate between privacy and security is not a new one, which has been highlighted by both the Apple FBI decryption case as well as the many conflicts between WhatsApp and the Brazilian government, resulting in the client periodically being blocked in that country, a huge deal as WhatsApp has almost entirely eclipsed SMS use there. It remains to be seen if this is yet another emotional statement following a tragedy, or if legal action against encrypted clients refusing governments back door access will be forthcoming.

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In response to Rudd’s comments, security and privacy experts outlined the dangers of introducing backdoors into encrypted apps. Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group, said such a move would "make millions of ordinary people less secure online." He added: "We all rely on encryption to protect our ability to communicate, shop and bank safely."