Sunday March 26, 2017

Tesla Will Begin Taking Solar Tile Orders Next Month

Elon Musk has announced that Tesla will start taking orders in April for his company’s solar roof tiles. Featuring the same efficiency of traditional solar power gathering cells, the tiles will come in four flavors: Tuscan glass, smooth glass, slate glass, and textured glass. The cost is supposed to be similar to putting up a traditional roof.

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These are a key step in Tesla’s combined vision for its solar energy generation and storage business, along with its electric vehicle operations. The solar tiles are aimed at popularizing the tech, by turning it from something that appeals to hardcore techies and green energy enthusiasts, to a practical option for everyday homeowners just looking to either save money, increase the resale value of their homes, or just take more direct control over their energy needs. Tesla’s solar tile designs include four visual styles, which mimic four different types of traditional roofing material, but the company said that only one or two of these will be available at first.