Sunday March 26, 2017

Netflix Gets Serious about Its Anti-Piracy Efforts

Netflix used to play it cool in the past when it came to piracy, going as far as using torrent data to determine what was popular and worth buying. Now that it is producing tons of original content, however, the company is changing its stance to the tune of typical Hollywood studios when it comes to enforcing copyrights. Aside from your typical DMCA business, Netflix is creating new roles within the company in charge purely of tackling piracy.

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The casual stance has long gone, and today Netflix is operating on par with the major Hollywood studios when it comes to copyright enforcement efforts. Last year we reported that the company had begun sending DMCA takedown notices on a large scale, but its actions don’t stop there. While Netflix doesn’t boast about its anti-piracy efforts in public, a recent job listing for a Global Copyright Protection Counsel is quite a revelation. The counsel in question will support Netflix’s "Global Copyright Protection Group," a department the streaming service hasn’t mentioned in public thus far. One of the key focuses of the job is to minimize online piracy, through an advanced strategy.