Sunday March 26, 2017

Amazon’s Prime Air Drone Makes Its First Demo Delivery in the US

This video could have used a couple of buckshots to make things more interesting, but here is footage of the first Amazon package publicly delivered by drone in the US. Does this mean that Prime Air is ready to roll out? Definitely not, since most drone deliveries can't work with current FAA rulesآ—they need to be kept within line of sight of the operator at all times.

آ…despite all the work Amazon has put into this concept, it still needs regulatory approval if it’s ever going to operate at scale. Autonomous drone delivery is still prohibited in the US, and Amazon has complained that the regulatory system is too slow to adapt. It’s moving faster in the UK, explaining why Amazon does a lot of testing there, but the biggest problem for tech companies and regulators alike is arranging for reliable low-altitude air traffic control. Something Amazon certainly didn’t have to worry about for this particular test run.