Saturday March 25, 2017

"Windows 10 Destroyed Our Data!" Microsoft Hauled into US Court

This must be the tenth time, right? It’s probably all in a day’s work for Microsoft’s lawyers by now, as another group of grumpy Windows 10 users plan to sue the company so we may all get a settlement to buy a Snickers bar. The claim is that upgrading from Windows 7 to W10 results in data loss or damage to software or hardware. One plaintiff had to take her machine to Geek Squad, who were surprisingly unable to help her recover her data.

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Three people in Illinois have filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, claiming that its Windows 10 update destroyed their data and damaged their computers. The complaint charges that Microsoft Windows 10 is a defective product and that its maker failed to provide adequate warning about the potential risks posed by Windows 10 installation آ– specifically system stability and data loss. Microsoft "failed to exercise reasonable care in designing, formulating, and manufacturing the Windows 10 upgrade and placing it into the stream of commerce," the complaint claims. "As a result of its failure to exercise reasonable care, [the company] distributed an operating system that was liable to cause loss of data or damage to hardware."