Saturday March 25, 2017

Google and Social Media Companies Could Be Prosecuted for Showing Extremist Videos

The drama over controversial media and advertising companies pulling their content continues, as lawmakers now mull over how Google and other companies should be punished for their actions. While vows have been made to remove extremist videos as quickly as possible, the Brits are still mad and argue that such content would still receive tons of views. Thanks to Kyle for this one.

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Google, Facebook and other internet companies could be prosecuted if they do not stop extremist videos from being seen on their websites by people in Britain, The Daily Telegraph can disclose. Ministers are considering a new law which would mean Google آ– which owns YouTube - and other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be prosecuted if they allow such videos to be disseminated. Theresa May, the Prime Minister, made clear her displeasure at internet companies that publish extremist content on Friday, saying "the ball is in their court" over taking action.