Saturday March 25, 2017

First Mockup of Firefox 57’s New Design

Nothing too earth-shattering, but Firefox 57, which is supposed to bring significant changes to the browser, will debut with an all-new look dubbed "Photon." It looks like minimalism is on the menu, but I already don’t care for it since all blinding white themes should be banned. Check out FT DeepDark if you want a nice Firefox theme to try.

News Image

Probably the biggest change in the new theme is related to tabs in the browser. Mozilla launched curved tabs in Australis, and plans to make tabs squared in Firefox 57. These tabs are full squares, whereas pre-Australis tabs used had rounded edges. The mockup shows no search bar, and the address bar is centered on the main toolbar. While this could mean that Mozilla will hide the search bar by default, it is too early to conclude that or anything else related to the design. Another change that is visible on the mockup is that back, forward, and reload buttons are visible on the left side of the main toolbar.