Friday March 24, 2017

Google Shuttering Talk, Removing SMS Support from Hangouts

First Hangouts was going away, then it wasn't, and now it looks like Google is about to make changes that are certain to piss off a certain number of people again. On June 26th Google Talk and its Gchat will be shut down for good. For those who haven't already adopted Hangouts voluntarily, Talk will be automatically rolled into Hangouts at that time. SMS compatibility will also be removed from Hangouts on May 22nd. Sometimes you just have to kill your darlings, I guess.

To me this Hangouts vs. Talk changeover seems pretty moot as they appear to have equivalent functionality. I just wonder what will happen to my old phone number I parked in Talk a while back. I hope it will be transferred over to Hangouts.

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While we’re sure to hear more about this new strategy at Google I/O, it looks like Android Messages is the new app to rule them all: "We’re focused on making Android Messages the primary place to access SMS and are working with carriers and device manufacturers to include Android Messages natively in Android devices. Over time, we’re working with partners to upgrade SMS to RCSآ—the next standard in carrier messaging that will bring features like read receipts, group chat, hi-res photo sharing and more."