Thursday March 23, 2017

Wells Fargo Introduces Cardless ATMs

No card? No problem. Wells Fargo is delving deeper into digital by letting customers withdraw money using just their smartphones. The way it works is that you will generate a code using their mobile banking app, which you would punch into the ATM alongside a "personal identification code" (I assume this is a new PIN you set up, but I’m not sure). Being that thieves will no longer have anything to skim, this move is also expected to reduce data theft.

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آ…the San Francisco-based bank decided to apply the smartphone technology to all of its 13,000 cash machines after piloting the idea in select locations across the country. Bank of America Corp and JPMorgan Chase & Co are among the big banks that have announced digital upgrades to their ATM infrastructure, but Wells Fargo is the first U.S. bank to roll out cardless machines across its entire network. The 20 million customers on Wells Fargo's mobile banking app will be able to request an eight-digit code to enter along with their personal identification code at an ATM to retrieve cash. "The new feature allows customers to withdraw cash at any time, even when they don't have their cards on them," Velline said.