Thursday March 23, 2017

Vudu's Mobile App Rips Digital Copies of Your Blu-Rays

If you are too stupid to rip your own movies, Walmart has the perfect solution for you. Their Vudu movie app now lets you digitize many DVDs or Blu-rays just by scanning the disc and paying a small fee. The article claims that this service "makes sense" because most people don’t have disc drives anymore.

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Walmart's Vudu streaming arm has unveiled the "first mobile offering" to convert nearly 8,000 movies on DVD and Blu-ray to digital HD files, it says. It's an expansion of the company's existing desktop conversion service, but lets you convert your physical library using the mobile Vudu app instead. As before, the price to convert files you already own is $2 for either a Blu-ray disc to HDX or a DVD to SD, or $5 to up-res a DVD to HDX (hint: your TV might do the latter already). To use it, you just scan your disc using the Vudu app, then download the digital file to your TV, console, set-top box, phone, tablet or, (ironically) Blu-ray player.