Thursday March 23, 2017

US Believes North Korea is Behind $81 Million Dollar Banking Theft

US Federal Prosecutors are gearing up for an inquiry into North Korea's involvement in last years $81 million dollar Bangladesh heist. If you're unfamiliar with the Bangladesh heist, let me tell you...It was insane.

Threat actors created a bit of malware that allowed them to interact directly with the SWIFT interbank messaging system. With the malware in place, cyber criminals were able to mark all transactions as valid, manipulate data, and delete fraudulent transactions. The bank of Bangladesh reported that it took nearly four days to stop unauthorized payments due to printer and software issues. Those issues were later attributed to malicious code targeted at those systems to keep them from tracking and reporting the transactions that were taking place. This was a very coordinated attack. Luckily, it contained typos.

Investigators began suspecting North Korea as the perpetrator after a very specific piece of code was discovered that was also used in the Sony Pictures breach.

Richard Ledgitt has this to say:

"If that linkage from Sony actors to the Bangladesh Bank actors is accurate, that means that Nation States are now robbing banks. That's a big deal."