Thursday March 23, 2017

Studios Flirt with Offering Movies Early in Home for $30

Would you pay $30 so you can avoid the theater and stream a new movie in the comfort of your own home? Actually, that might not be such a bad idea, since you could invite a bunch of friends and have them pitch in toward the cost. Releasing a movie mere weeks after theatrical debut at slightly higher costs is just one idea that studios are toying with, who are being threatened by less and less people leaving the house for entertainment.

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Studios are looking for ways to shore up home entertainment revenues as DVD sales continue to slide. They also believe that their advertising can be more effective and cost efficient if a film’s home entertainment release is closer to its theatrical debut. By grouping those two things closer together, studios wouldn’t have have to launch a massive promotional campaign to reintroduce consumers to a movie months after it was on the big screen. Then there’s the issue of shifting consumer tastes. Younger consumers, used to streaming services such as Netflix, are accustomed to being able to access content whenever and on whichever device they would like آ— they’re not used to having to wait months to watch something.