Thursday March 23, 2017

Nintendo Is Repairing Joy-Cons with a Piece of Foam

In what looks like the simplest repair job ever, the desynching issues plaguing left Joy-Cons are being fixed with a single piece of foam. Based on this band-aid, RF interference was at the heart of the issue, which is what the (conductive) foam blocks out. Nintendo has announced that it was a "manufacturing variation" and that future controllers should no longer have this problem.

News Image

آ…it's likely a piece of conductive foam, which is foam that's been specially treated with nickel, copper or both so it can shield electronics from RF interference. (It's often used in portable electronics when there isn't space for a traditional shield.) Unless we're totally mistaken, this piece of foam is sitting directly on top of the Joy-Con's antenna traces, too, which suggests that it's protecting the antenna from interference. (Another possibility: the foam may be keeping the ribbon cables for the joystick and/or trigger button, which run through that space, from touching the antenna.) I even tried removing the foam, and sure enough: The controller stops working properly when it's not there. Seems like an open-and-shut case.