Thursday March 23, 2017

Law Firm Claims Tesla Is Falsely Advertising What Autopilot Can Do

Did anyone actually buy a Tesla thinking it was going to be a fully autonomous car? The law firm that is behind the class action lawsuit against VW and Mercedes for emissions-cheating software thinks so, claiming that Autopilot 2 isn’t working as advertised. Sure, some aspects of AP2 are late, but I think these lawyers are confusing their own fantastic expectations with what Musk actually said.

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It’s not clear what the investigation is based on for them to determine that customers "thought" they were buying a self-driving car. The ordering page for the both the Model S and X has a warning written in bold font saying that the feature is "dependent on extensive software validation and regulatory approval." Tesla CEO Elon Musk warned when releasing the feature that he thought the first version would be ready around the end of the year for a demonstration, but he didn’t even say when he expected the regulatory approval to be ready, which Tesla also warns that it depends upon jurisdiction.