Thursday March 23, 2017

Corsair’s "Category-Defying" Gaming PC Is Here

While prebuilt systems are of lesser interest to many of us, here is Corsair’s first attempt at a gaming desktop. All I have to say is that their designers have been watching way too much Tron: Legacy. I’ll buy one if it comes with Olivia Wilde. (It is also reminiscent of the Logitech G line, with the neon blue.)

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The device was built with gamers and PC-upgrading enthusiasts in mind, but it's not meant to be taken apart. Although you can remove the tower's top, which is attached to the fan, Corsair says the One wasn't designed to be a "user serviceable system." A company spokesperson tells Engadget that the One's dis-assembly and re-assembly is "a lot more involved than a traditional CORSAIR DIY product -- that's why we sell it as a fully built system, and not a DIY kit." To that end, the company is also offering a two-year warranty, and will provide rapid-warranty replacement for faulty parts, as well as service centers for in-warranty upgrades.