Wednesday March 22, 2017

GOG Galaxy Client Receives Cloud Saves and More

GOG's Galaxy client has received a feature that every digital game hoarder has dreamed for; cloud saves! Not just cloud saves for a few titles in their catalog; every title gets them! No more reinstalling Windows after a crash or hardware upgrade and losing all of your progress in Vampire: The Masquerade آ– Bloodlines. Installation of the client isn't even necessary to download the cloud saves! This is coming with Update 1.2 which is a part of the beta client. There are a ton of more features being added to the client such as the ability to customize and disable unnecessary functions, hibernation mode that lowers CPU usage, new chat protocol, in game overlay with a fps counter, and more. Grab the client here and check out the rest of the new features.

Personally I love classic DRM free gaming, but I'm always finding new ways to lose my game saves. This update should do the trick as far as maintaining progress in those games.

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Another major feature going live with 1.2 brings users the ability to customise Galaxy’s own features to their liking, turning what they want off and on as needed. GOG says this prevents bloating the client for those who don’t require advanced features.

Behind-the-scenes improvements include a hibernate mode that drops CPU usage when playing a game and a decrease in battery life usage when the client is idling. Other additions include a bandwidth limiter, fps counter, screenshot capturing, achievement rarity, in-game overlay, download scheduling and more.