Wednesday March 22, 2017

Facebook Now Lets You Broadcast Live Video From a PC

In a move that some say is intended to take on Twitch, Facebook is now allowing live video streams from computers. Previously this feature was limited to mobile users. While this feature has been available to Pages for a while, now it has been opened up to all user accounts.

Great, just great. Now I'll have even more live video streams to annoy me in my Facebook feed. To me it takes a special level of exaggerated sense of self to think people actually want to sit on Facebook and watch you play a video game, but I'm just an old grumpy guy I guess.

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Users will be able to simply broadcast straight from a built-in webcam. More advanced streamers can use external camera hardware or streaming software to make high-quality broadcasts with multiple cameras, on-screen graphics, and title cards.

By opening up computer-based streaming to everyone, it’s clear that Facebook is hoping to take live videos more seriously by making it possible for all its users to create more professional and robust broadcasts.