Tuesday March 21, 2017

Microsoft Modifies Windows 10 for China’s Government

Per WSJ (paywall), more and more companies are customizing their products to meet the heightened security demands from Beijing, and the latest to undergo changes for the East is Microsoft’s baby. This seems like a strange choice for the likely paranoid Chinese government, as a lot of people would equate W10 with the word "intrusive," with the telemetry business, pop-ads, and all that jazz. I guess the effort to create an alternative OS (e.g., Kylin) turned out to be a complete disaster.

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China’s government previously banned Windows 8, citing security concerns, and launched an anti-monopoly probe against Microsoft. The Chinese government has also been concerned over foreign software that could be used by the NSA to spy on activities, and has consistently tried to move away from relying on Microsoft’s Windows software. Back in 2013 it partnered with Ubuntu maker Canonical to create an alternative to Windows, codenamed Kylin. That effort failed, and a new Linux-based operating system dubbed NeoKylin is the latest attempt to create an alternative to Windows in China.