Tuesday March 21, 2017

IBM Releases API / SDK For Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is the digital manifestation of Schrodinger's Cat. In standard computing, bits are set as either highs or lows (1's or 0's). This is how virtually all computer systems operate. In quantum computing, bits are set as both high and low. My face melts when I think about that from a digital logic perspective as all possible outputs are determined through a single bit set. Mind Blown. IBM has decided to bestow this power to the average developer via a newly released API that allows access to their quantum super powers.

Could there be ramifications? Rob Enderle has an idea:

"By the way, it strikes me that a working quantum computer could do some rather painful things. The bitcoin mining potential would be near unlimited if anyone were to breach the process to create massive artificial wealth. Anyone want to be a bitcoin billionaire? Let's just say we really don't want a hostile nation or criminal group to acquire one of these things and leave it at that."