Tuesday March 21, 2017

Google Vows to Pull Ads from Extreme Videos and Sites

A growing number of brands and agencies that include Audi and the UK government are pissed at Google for displaying their ads alongside "inappropriate content" on YouTube. In addition to taking a more proactive approach by removing such ads and hiring additional review staff, new tools are being introduced that will provide increased control to advertisers so they don’t have another stroke. As "offensive" or "extreme" content can be pretty subjective, I can already see this strategy being abused or misused.

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Google has detailed new safeguards to ensure brands don't have their adverts served against extremist content. The measures follow a wave of complaints and advertising withdrawals by the UK government, Audi and L'Oreal, among others, triggered by a Times investigation which revealed a number of adverts being shown alongside harmful and inappropriate videos on YouTube. In a blog post, Google said it would be taking "a tougher stance" and "removing ads more effectively" from content that is attacking people based on their race, religion or gender. It also promised to hire "significant numbers" of new staff to review "questionable content."