Tuesday March 21, 2017

ARM Steps up Chip Performance to Catch up with Intel, AMD

ARM may not be known for superfast chips, but that may be changing. The company is introducing new Cortex-A chip designs with greater performance to tackle emerging technologies such as virtual reality and machine learning. While these processors will be faster, they are expected to retain ARM’s focus on power efficiency.

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ARM is adding more cores, instructions, and faster pipelines in smaller spaces to boost performance. The new features are packaged under the term "DynamIQ" and will be in upcoming Cortex chips for mobile, PC, server, and internet-of-things devices. Performance metrics will come when ARM announces the first chip designs with DynamIQ features, which could happen early next year, said John Ronco, vice president of product marketing. DynamIQ adds more performance without compromising ARM's power efficiency focus, Ronco said. Most devices from ARM don't require cooling fans, and that will remain the case with DynamIQ features in chip designs.