Monday March 20, 2017

Super Mario Run is Coming to Android on March 23, 2017

Super Mario Run is coming to Android! The smash hit on IOS finally has a release date on Android and it's March 23, 2017. On IOS there is a free aspect to the game to get you addicted before they hit you with the $9.99 six level unlock fee. I hope that the pricing doesn't exceed this on the Android platform as $9.99 seems like a steep entry price. The game is being updated to version 2.0 for the Android release, but details other than new playable characters and an extra level for the free version are unknown. Yes, more than likely this will find a home on my Android phone. What about you? Ready for some Mario?

Super Mario Run is an original platformer built with touchscreen devices in mind. The game features 24 levels in its World Tour mode and asymmetrical multiplayer challenges in its Toad Rally mode. Players can collect items and decorate their own Mushroom Kingdom with the Kingdom Builder mode. The game is free to download and includes a one-time $9.99 purchase to unlock all of its features.