Monday March 20, 2017

Kdenlive Video Editor now has a Windows Version

Usually you hear about applications that transition from Windows to Linux. But the developers of Kdenlive have flipped this development cycle on its head with the recent release of a Windows version in addition to the already well received Linux version. Kdenlive is non-linear video editor that features a multi-track timeline, effects and transitions. It has tools such as histograms, audio meters, waveforms, vectorscopes and more. Seems like a capable video editor for those that might want to spice up the video from the family vacation or some game footage. BetaNews has instructions for installing the FFmpeg plugins required to get the editor to run and the official Kdenlive website has a manual and more to help with your editing needs. The newest version is 16.12.3, but it hasn't been ported to Windows just yet as the development team seems to be squashing bugs still.

News Image

We grabbed a copy. There's no installation required, just unzip and run Kdenlive.exe. Except, well, that didn't work. The program requires FFmpeg to import and export media, and that's not included by default. We dragged, dropped and organized some clips, and applied a few effects. There were some minor issues, but overall it did well for such an early build, and if you're interested in video editing it's worth a closer look.